Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back From Vacation!

Well...we are finally back home after spring break. We had loads of fun in Alabama, but it sure is nice to get back home. I took a few photos while we were there and thought that I would share. The below picture is of my childhood home where my parents still live. It is a wonderful old home build in the 1920s.

Above: this is a picture of my in-laws barn. I love that barn and think that it just oozes "farmness". They don't have any farm animals, but they do garden and their yard is just beautiful. You can see the purple martin houses in the picture also.

Above: This is the view from their side yard. I just love it out in the country.

Above: My mother-in-law's roses.

Above: Her irises. They are just gorgeous.

Above: My little dog "Pip" enjoying the sunshine and grass.

Above: Another view of their barn.

Above: This is the view from their front porch. It is so peaceful and quiet.

 We are all sinners and by God's sovereign Grace and Mercy we are saved from the wrath that we all deserve! Jesus is risen! Forgiving our sins by the blood that was shed.
Happy Easter, everyone!!!


  1. The pics are great. I really love that pic of Pip rolling in the sun...great! love, e

  2. Thanks! Pip is so funny. She loves to roll around like that all the time. The day I took the pics was beautiful. Natural light is awesome! It is so hard to get the same "beautifulness" with artificial light. love ya and thanks for talking the other day!


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