Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad....Pincushion?

Still can't find the connecting cord to the camera. So today my pictures will be a little dark and a little out of focus.

I am making a Three Little Pigs pincushion, complete with house and three little pigs. The process of designing it was so much fun. I have a couple of more ideas that I would like to do in the future: Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, Goldilocks and the Three Bears just to name a few. The house was fun to make. I didn't really start out with a pattern. I first did a rough draft of what I wanted the front of the house to look like and went from there. Of course the house pincushion had to be the house that the smart little pig built. You know, the brick one. The straw house would have been cute too, but remember in the more PETA friendly version the two little pigs run to brothers house when the big bad wolf blows their houses down? So, I thought that the only fitting house would be the brick house. I haven't finished it yet, still working on it. Don't you think that a chimney with the wolf's head sticking out would be cute? Or I might just make a polymer clay sewing pin with the wolf's head on top.
Above: Here are some rough drawings of some pincushions that I would like to do. Sorry, you will have to turn your computer sideways to view. I could not get it to correct itself.
Above: One of the little pigs waving. This is usually how I start the process, mainly I do it this way because I love drawing :)

Above: Here's the smart little pig. D#2 called him "Collin".
Above: Another shot of him with flash on. Sorry pics look so horrible. The little point n shoot is great for outdoor shots. See how small he is, he fits into that little thimble. To the left of the door is his mailbox. Looks like a letter from Mom fell out.

Above: This little pig is missing his left arm and torso down-result of teasing the wolf  :(  JK- He is going in the window like on the drawing. His name is Wilbur-thanks to D#2. I haven't made pig #3 yet. But his name is Jasper and yes she named him also.

Above: Mushroom pincushion. A wee little gnome with live in this wee little house. I am going to put it on  wooden pedestal. Still a work in progress....

Above: This wee little hedgehog will go with the wee mushroom pincushion. I haven't decided what other pin to make. I like to include two pins with each pincushion. Why two? Well, one seems like not enough and three seems like too many. So two it is.
Above: velvet mouse on top of an Amish puzzle ball, or at least half of it. The box is  paper mache that I painted brown and then distressed with sandpaper. I then stained and sealed it. He still needs a tail, eyes and some vintage looking sewing pins for him to hold.

That's all that I have for today. Hopefully I will get the studio cleaned up and find that missing cord. 
i am going to try and get something posted for Prims n Pins ( tonight, so check back tomorrow and see if I did.
Take time tonight to read the Three Little Pigs (PETA's version) and take that sa-weet trip down memory lane,


  1. These are so cute. I like seeing your drawings come to life. Are they headed to the etsy shop? I wanted to tell you that I saw on craigs list in KC a featherweight sewing machine for 275.00 Let me know if you are interested?? Love you!

  2. Hey Liz,
    Thanks, these should be headed to etsy soon. Maybe beginning of next week. Pigs take a while to make. It is fun for me to see the drawings come to life too. Usually they come out how I envisioned them, but sometimes there are suprises. The little mouse didn't come out exactly how I wanted, but he looks ok. The pom pom chick came out better than I thought it would. Now I am working on something called needle felting. I am going to post about it tomorrow. It is very challanging, not a fast process to learn. Kind of like crocheting. It took me countless hours to learn to make the single crochet decent looking. Will keep you posted. thanks for thinking about me with the featherw it is an awesome deal. Wish I could tell you to buy it, but I already spent my $ on supplies. I was discouraged that I couldn't find one & the $ was burning a hole in my pocket. I so wish I could get it. I will start saving my $ up right now!! Maybe it won't be sold by the time I get enough moo-la :) luv ya!!


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