Friday, March 11, 2011

Sticky Fingers....Part 2

Here he is all finished. I think that I need to add some kind of accessory for him. Maybe a basket full of mushrooms or a mushroom lantern? I must say, needle felting is very challenging. It is not really an instant craft, I believe that I am going to have to practice, a lot.

Above: Mouse and felt mushroom pincushion.

Above: Hedgehog (what little gnome is complete without a pet hedgehog?) and mushroom house sewing pins.
Above: close up. See the little wispies on his chin. I jabbed and jabbed and couldn't get those stray fibers to disappear.

I am enjoying this new craft. I actually have had the supplies to needle felt for a few years now, but just never had the desire to do it. It is not an expensive hobby. You only need the needles (use 50% off coupon at Hobby L), foam (I had some decor foam that had been in the closet for ages) and wool roving (50%off coupon at Hobby L).
Have a great day,


  1. Dear dear Daughter, don't be sticking those precious fingers. and carnage. no no. can't stand that.
    But I love you gnome mouse and his house. soso cute. I have seen articles about needle felting, but surely never felt (pun) the desire to do it. isn't it time consuming?
    I love to read your and Liz's blogs. such a treat for me. it's such fun.
    I have been trying to find a weekend to come to your house, but work so much for dad. I'm just going to have to up and leave on a thurs and come anyway. I have even been working Saturdays so he can be on the job site. He has been working so hard lately. give my love to all, mom

  2. The mouse and pin cushion are so cute. They remind me of some children's books I loved in elementary school that featured mice and their intricate little homes. I wish I knew the author of those books. The illustrations were beautiful. I'm excited to see when you post too, I usually look a couple of times a day. It makes it worth it too that Momma follows our posts too! Love you, elizabeth

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Where did you get those fabulous hedgehog and mushroom pins from?


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