Saturday, March 26, 2011

Robin Hood-A Mouse of a Tale

Here's the newest needle felted mouse- Robin Hood. Coming up with his outfit was a lot of fun. I found out that I don't know as much as I thought I did about Robin Hood's clothing. I did a little research and kind of came up of my own version. His hat was pretty much trial and error (I seem to say that a lot ;)  ). I made a couple that just didn't look right, finally success. I wanted to use a real feather in his hat and on the arrows, but I didn't have any red feathers. Pink feathers just won't do. Must be red feathers.
Above: Walking through Sherwood Forest.

Above: Bow is made from clay, "string" is actually thread.

Above: Quiver with arrows.

Above: Bow and arrows. Arrows made from toothpicks-new, not used.

Above: Quiver made from synthetic embossed leather.
Not sure what my next needle felted mouse will be, gotta do some brain stormin' :)
Have a great and crafty day!


  1. I think your next needle felted mouse should "The Hunchback of Notre Mouse." :) This is very cute and the arrows comment about them being new makes me think of the time Micah and I were at the deli counter and I grabbed a couple of toothpicks and stabbed some meat for us and when we were done I went to throw them away and realized I'd gotten them out of the throw away pile...Micah still thinks I did it on purpose! As if! Love to you and love looking at both your blogs! Also love the loot I got in the mail...of course!!!My mouse sits on top of my fabric cabinet!

  2. Oh man...I bet he does think you did that to him on purpose. What deli would have used toothpicks up on the counter? When Michael was 3, he picked up a wet gummy bear off of a bookstore floor and popped it into his mouth before I could get a screech out. Hunchback of Notre Mouse would be cute. Must sketch some out and run them past you. Love your blog!!!! I enjoy reading it so much. Keep up the awesome work!! xoxoxo

  3. Ugh...grossness. Well you know AJ has eaten a fly..."crunch crunch crunch" and ran her finger around the bolts on the toilet bowl and licked it....WHAT POSSESSES THEM!

    Oooh and I think a hanzel and gretal mouse with a witchy mouse leaning out of a gingerbread house would be cute!

  4. That AJ!!! Gross!! Not sure what possesses them to do that.
    Oh, a H & G with gingerbread house sounds awesome!!! Keep the ideas rolling :))

  5. I know!

    I'll keep the ideas rolling for you! Also you said a tight cashmere weave, do you mean a cashmere sweater? If so I have some of that too. <3 you!

  6. Yea, just a cashmere sweater. Merino wool is also a tight weave. Something that will not unravel real easy when I cut it up to make tiny sweaters. A cotton yarn makes too big of a weave and it will unravel real easy. Thanks a bunch. Right now I am working on a Maid Marian or Princess type mouse. Love ya!


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