Friday, March 25, 2011

Fur and Tails

The little mice are so fun to make. I have ideas coming out of my ears and can't make them fast enough! I am so absorbed (addicted) in making them that on some days I have totally forgotten to eat lunch. I now pay more attention to the clock. D#2 is picked up from preschool around 1pm and I don't want to be late. Guess it sounds like I have made 100s of these little guys. It is mainly a trial and error process that has taken a few attempts to get it "right". Some of the dear little mice looked like DNA gone bad-mice with huge heads, arms and legs missing, ears too small, mange, among other horrors. One little mouse takes several days to complete. Glue, paint and clear coats take a while to throughly dry and then putting the "fur" on takes a while for me to be happy with it. I trim fur, add more, find bald patches-add more fur, and then trim some more. Below are some of the better looking mice. These are the "keepers".
Above: Three blind mice, not really. Three mice climbing on a pincushion. The lower mouse needs some bald spots covered. He is the WIP (work-in-progress). I haven't done his final flocking.

Above: It is very hard to take clear photos of these little guys. My micro setting automatically flashes (unable to turn off) and won't let me use the brightness button instead of the flash. I used two different clays on the two mice and I like the one on the right better. In person it looks more realistic. Yes...that is a real thimble. The brothers are less than 1 1/2" tall. The right mouse is a little smaller. D#1 claimed him. So I am not going to put him on Etsy. She wants me to make clothes for him!?!? Like the mice on Cinderella-Jasper and GusGus. Maybe I need some smaller hands.

Above: Looks like someone is getting helped into the thimble.

Above: He fits.

Above: Little mouse with hand sculpted thimble on his head. Tomato is made out of recycle wool and leaves are wool felt. Stuffing is wool and synthetic.

Above: He is 1 3/4" from toes to top of thimble.
Have a great rest of the day and gather up some mice to help you with your sewing, many hands make light work!


  1. So cute, and goes into that childhood place where little creatures have secret lives! Sorry I've been MIA, been busy and internet connection acting kooky in evening. I'm gonna look at your other posts now, missed them the past two days! love to you and all yours!

  2. That's exactly what I was trying to do! All those childhood memories. I remember drawing mushroom houses with ladybugs and mice living inside them. I could draw those for hours. Remember drawing them- it was kind of like a cross section of a mushroom house where you could peek at all the rooms at once? The little mice actually look cuter in person. I was not really happy with the way the pic turned out. I need to work on photographing miniatures. Sorry about the internet. Is your network secure? If not someone maybe using your connection. That slowed us way down and even wouldn't let me get a connection. We had the computer man come to the house and "fix" the computer. He did wonders, actually only charged us for 30 min instead of the full hour he was here. He told us that someone was stealing our connection and that was why we had such problems with connecting to the internet. If you don't know if your network is secure, then it isn't. It's a process with passwords. Hope this helps :)
    Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you!!

  3. Your red riding hood sold-yay, read that on lizs blog. texting has ruined my writi;ng skills and spelling and punctuation. so i do weird writing now. using lees computer cause patty wet mine and it is dead. drat waited all that time to get one and onlly had it 8 months. love the robin hood and the little mice. they are darlin'. hands have to be dextrous to do that tiny work. i can't even fasten necklaces well anymore. how do you flock? curious. when i come up for prom or grad you'll have to do some for me. can't WAIT to see you all at Easter. so excited. tell maddi i want lots of hugs. i know she's grown and changed a lot. love to darlin' D#1, mom


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