Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double Bummer.....Lost Camera Cord

So sorry that I have been really slacking on the blogging. I have lost my camera cord. It hooks the camera to the computer so that I can transfer pictures. Bummer. I have been working on some new stuff. Can't wait to show you.

Must get going, gotta find that missing cord! Come back tomorrow and if I haven't found it, I will use my old camera to upload some pictures of what I am working on,


  1. I have missed your posts! I hope you can find that cord SOON! I keep looking a couple times a day to see if you've posted! Love you!

  2. Hey Sis,
    So sorry. Can't understand where it went to. Well let me restate that "I don't remember where I put that thing." I am now using the little point n shoot. Not the best, but it will do. I miss blogging so much :=( (second set of eyes are really tears) Thanks for always reading. I look at yours several times a day too-lol. Just finished your destashing the stash. Love to read what you are up to. I gave up on clothes for me loooonnnnnggg ago. They were always soo big on me. At the time I loved the really long dresses and skirts and it would take 3-5 yds of fabric-I just couldn't justify buying 5 yds of fabric for one skirt. Of course living back in those days meant no Joann's or Hobby L, so no 50% off coupons-bummer. Now that I have all these awesome stores around me, I have no desire what-so-ever to make garments. I have had people beg and bribe me to make clothes for them, but I refuse! So keep up the great work!! Your clothes are fantastic!!
    Luv ya, xoxoxo


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