Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Bright and Bold Thank You...

I have been working on a pincushion for a dear friend. Last summer I had emergency surgery and this wonderful friend watched D#2 for my husband to come to the hospital and visit me. D#1 is plenty old enough to watch D#2, but don't you remember how "not fun" it was to watch your siblings, so this dear friend gave D#1 a nice break and watched the little one. During this 4 day hospital stay D#1 was wonderful, she took over a lot of the household duties.
Anyway, here's the fun pincushion that I made for her.
Above: She has such a wonderful and bright personality, I thought these fabrics just went with her personality.

Above: The pincushion is stuffed with fiber fill and fine sand. I love the thread catcher bag. It comes in so handy. I did not add the interior pocket. I used my interior pocket for my little snip scissors and one day I guess when I emptied the bag into the trash I mistakenly threw them away. Ever since then, I don't add the pocket, I wouldn't want that to happen to anybody else.

Above: close up of pincushion. I made the two woolen pins. One has a button glued to it.

Above: Here's the pattern incase you are interested.

Above: I have discovered these wonderful books illustrated by Salley Mavor. Just look at all the detail. She is an awesome fiber artist.

Above: The little boy is made from a wooden bead and pipe cleaners. She thread wraps all of the wire that you see. These books are such a visual treat.
Gotta go and finish the neighborhood newsletter....

Have a great day and do something fun today!!

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