Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winner! Winner!

We have a winner of the "what am I working on blog post". It is Elizabeth!! Yay, Elizabeth. If you will just email me your home address I will get your prize out to you next week. This is what she guessed:

"ummm, little toothpicks for a bunco party? no no wait, need zippers, um what has zippers, think, think, a pull for a pair of zippered house shoes? No? thinking of something with ribbons and zippers...a hat that Charo would wear with fruit and ribbons and it zips up the back? My guess is you are making reusable snack bags????? "

Sorry, these were very creative and clever guesses, but not the correct one. Tomorrow I will show what I was working on. Snack bags do sound fun.
Be back tomorrow,


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to get my prize!!! I Love the chick as the picture at the top of your blog, it looks so good. I thought later that you did a good job making it look like a sugar egg. love you!

  2. Thanks sweet sis!! Hopefully I can get a picture of your prize up today. Sorry your commment was so microscopic. Not sure why. Now am headed over to your blog {:o)

  3. Well, I feel like Im missing out on all the fun! Love you both


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