Thursday, February 10, 2011

Very Busy Day, Indeed....

Had a very busy day today. Finished three new clothespin dolls for Etsy: Miss Sweet Shop, Miss Librarian, Miss Thimble. They were all so much fun to make. This weekend will be a little busy. D#1 is going to a semi-formal dance tomorrow night. I have been given the job of finding a mask for this dance. It is a masquerade ball. She wants peacock feathers--Hobby Lobby here I come. She did find a dress, but no shoes, stockings, purse, coat, etc >:p I am not sure what I am going to do with her. Oh well......guess we can always improvise. Still haven't finished my sister's gift yet. It is not really hard, just repetative. Must finish and send to her. Sorry Elizabeth.

Anyway here's some pictures of the dolls. You can also hop on over to my Etsy and check them out.

Above: Miss Librarian with her glasses and woolen skirt.

Above: She has two books at her feet and one in her hand.

Above: Her traditional bun and polymer clay buttons.

Above: side view

Above: Library date stamper made out of polymer clay.

Above: Love that background paper

Above: this paper is cute too.

Above: Miss Thimble

Above: Here is her rotary cutter and tomato pincushion at her feet.

Above: She is mending a blanket that has a hole in it. That is a real needle in her left hand and a real metal thimble on her head.

Above: Miss Sweet Shop.

Above: She has made 4 strawberry glazed donuts-her favorite.

Above: hand made donuts and tray.

Above: More cute paper, almost all of the paper that I use in my pictures is from Cosmo Cricket. They have a great website and blog.
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keep those hands busy and stay crafty,

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