Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shhhh....a little secret

I am going to share a secret with you today. I received a question asking about putting the little polymer clay sculptures on to the sewing pins. I will share with you what I have found out. It is best to use glass head pins. The long ones- about 2". Glass heads do not melt, like the plastic ones.

Above: Glass head pin
Below: I start by shaping the base around the glass head:

Above: Keep shaping until head is covered.

Above: then I use an x-acto knife to tap around the pin because there is usually a small hole that will form around the base of the pin. Sometimes I add a small disc of polymer clay and tap that around the base of the pin. Finish sculpting and then bake or air dry according to the directions.

Above: here is the finished pin. I am not an expert on these, but I have found that these techniques work great for me. Go ahead and make some and then post them and send me your link. I would love to see them.

Above: Here is a cherry pin that has a small hole where the sewing pin is protruding. The polymer clay is keeping the pin from moving around, so the larger hole is not an issue. I do like to cover up the hole, but I didn't see it before I baked it and sealed it.

Above: Here is Ms. Library and Miss Sweet Shop. These are two new dolls that I will try to put up on Etsy (  tonight. I do have plans on making a baker doll. So stay tuned.....

Above: Close up of faces. Ms Library has glasses and a sensible wool skirt. Her blouse will have a cameo broach and polymer clay buttons for the back of the skirt. I will post all of those as soon as I can bake and finish them.     On top of her book will be a polymer clay date stamp. I need to go and bake it before I can place it on top of the book she is holding. Miss Sweet Shop has some delicious strawberry glazed donuts for you. She did add some sugar on top of them. The tray is also polymer clay paint with silver metallic paint. I have showed you the donuts before. They were in a previous post.

Above: Their pedestals, Ms Library has books at her feet.

Above: Not a very good pic. These are the buttons, broach and date stamp for Ms. Library. I hope that you found this post a little useful. I love making the clay pins and love designing them. I am going to try and always include them with the pin cushions that I make. I think that the two combined make a wonderful gift.
Have a great day and keep those fingers busy,

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  1. I knew you had a sneaky secret about those pins. You really should get your tutorials out there. I wish that the "One Pretty Thing" would feature this because I really think people would be interested. I am loving the clothespin dolls of course. I hope D#1 has a great dance and I know she will look beautiful. Now I'm gonna go over to your etsy shop! Love to all. E. ps.I like post birthday gifts too!


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