Thursday, February 3, 2011

Round and Round: the amigurumi way

Today I am going to show you how I come up with patterns for things that I like to crochet. It is more trial and error than anything. In amigurumi you crochet in the round, which means just what it says-you crochet round and round. I have recently learned how to add some lacy edging to stuff and am having a lot of fun using this technique. For lacy edging you *skip one crochet, double crochet 4 or 5 in next crochet hole, then slip stitch in next crochet hole, this is where you start over: skip one, double crochet 4, slip stitch, then back to beginning *. For such a simple technique, it sure does have a beautiful effect.
Above: On the note pad I have scribbled a cupcake bottom "recipe". I know that you need to start with a foundation of 6 stitches in the round. So I go from there and just add rows, increasing each row with an extra single crochet until I have the bottom of the cupcake as big as I think it should be. I kind of came up with my own short hand for crocheting. I use "o" to stand for a single crochet and "oo" kind of intertwined to stand for two single crochets in the same hole.  Sound confusing? Probably is, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Above: Sketch of finished cupcake. Not sure if I am going to put the face on the icing or the cake part. I do like it on the icing.

Above: Progressing, notice the paper clip. I use that little handy thing for a row marker. It works like a charm. I always have 100s of these around the house so finding one when I need it is not a problem.

Above: Another shot of paperclip. See the sketched donut and peppermint. These are going to be sewing pin toppers for the cupcake. The mushroom may be a little crochet guy or made out of fabric. Not sure yet. He will be a pincushion.

Above: Finished bottom and icing top, but oh no....where's the bottom?

Above: Failure, it was right under the icing. This photo makes the icing and cake very proportional looking, but looks can be deceiving.

Above: Icing swallows the cake, must go back and redesign bottom. I think that I will add 2 or 3 more rows to bottom before I start the turning stitch for the sides.

Above: Poor little gal, she sure looks "sweet". So there you have it. This is sort of how I do most of my patterns. Sometimes I do draw out patterns, kind of like the Japanese crochet books do. It looks like a bunch of circles connected with sticks and "v"s. There are plenty of great books on amigurumi out there, I just like trying to make up my own. Sometimes they are an epic failure, but I just rip out stitches and reuse yarn. No harm done. So I challenge you to:  pick up those needles & some yarn and get to crocheting.
Crochet needles = super fun!
Stay warm and get crafty,

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  1. Holly, what do you think about copyrighting? Here is an article that made me wonder how concerned about it I should be...
    Also I am just about to read this entire post too and am looking forward to it!


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