Friday, February 4, 2011

Polymer Clay Sewing Pins

I am late posting this because I had some errands to run this morning and wasn't able to post until now.
Made some sewing pins today. They are made out of polymer clay. Here's some of the tools that I use to make the polymer clay sculptures:

Above: Paint brush, colored polymer clay, paint, white polymer clay and.....

Above: fingers (.... that is paint on my thumb, not peeling skin). These 10 little fingers are probably the most important tools you can have. It is so much fun to sculpt polymer clay. I use the kind that you bake. It doesn't seem to crack as bad as the air dry stuff and plus it holds paint real well. The only real painting that I do is for the faces. Mainly cheeks, eyes and mouth. I feel you can be more precise this way or at least I am. If I use black polymer clay for eyes and mouth they always seem to end up wonky.

Above left to right clockwise: little donut (on throat of sewing machine),  large cupcake, large cherry with cheeks, smaller cupcake, smaller cherry with donuts pinned on pin cushion (I just forgot to unpin them before I took the picture, this is how I keep up with them).

Above: Close up of small cupcake, large cherry and tiny cherry with donut under it. None of these have glitter, gloss or faces on them yet.

Above: Still no faces :( just a closer up.

This is a cupcake pincushion. The above pin are going on this pincushion. Right now is in the process of being glued to her base. This will take overnight to dry. She turned out ok. Remember in the previous post I had all that trouble with her base. Well....this time I tried to write down the "recipe" so that I can use her again.

Above: Here is some more stuff that I am working on. Little zipper bags with polymer clay charms.

Above: just some doodling for charms.

Above: Here's the doodling for the sewing pins as you can see I didn't make the peppermint, I thought it looked a little too much like Christmas. I will have to make some for Christmas. The donut didn't get made into pins, they are going to be used for a Sweet Shop Clothespin Doll.

Above: Here's how I am packaging the little sewing pins. I think this will keep them from moving around during shipping to minimize damage.

Thanks for reading and remember to craft something at least once a day, whether it is something as simple as making a sandwich to something as hard as knitting a body suit, anyway keep those hands busy!
happy crafting,


  1. Loving reading your posts! I have hesitated to post lately b/c the dark weather really makes my pictures dark and uninviting. Love these pins, one question, how does the clay stick to the pins? Does baking them on make them sturdy enough to stick? Keep posting b/c I love reading it!

  2. my daughter was just gifted a bunch of polymer cay stuff. she wants to make some sewing pins. I've googled and searched pinterest but can't seem find a good tutorial. do you sculpt first then insert the pin, or do you sculpt around the pin? Also what kinds of pins do you use? (flat head?)



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