Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Edit: Check your instruction manual for your camera. The magic button is just a brightness button. It really should be on most cameras. It might even be under the menu on your camera.  On my tiny point and shoot, I punch the menu button, click on camera setup menu, scroll down to display brightness and then click on that. Then I am able to select how bright I want my pictures.

A BIG Happy Birthday to someone special. Someone who is probably stuck in the house with nowhere to go on their Birthday because of all the snow and ice :(

And another BIG Happy Birthday to someone else, who probably also has snow and ice, but is use to it and usually can walk to wherever she needs to go :)

Here's a few guys that I have been working on. The apple is a pin cushion with a wooden dowel for holding a spool of thread. She comes with 3 sewing pins: 2 apple seeds and 1 leaf. The crochet Honey Bear has a wool beeskep that is a pincushion. Honey Bear comes with 2 bee sewing pins and 1 flower sewing pin. Her pedestal has bees painted on it. I plan on making a crochet cupcake and making some sewing pins to match it.
These were all my own patterns except the beeskep. It is a modified pattern by Cheswick Company. Must give credit where credit is due. That beeskep was hard to master, that is why I dug out her pattern. She is very kind-said I could make stuff from her patterns and sell the finished product as long as I gave her credit for the pattern.

These are small-notice the spool of thread, it is only about 2 1/4" tall. Bear took several attempts to get right. At first her head was too small for the body I for made her, so I scratched that body and made a smaller one.  Their eyes are made of felt, I didn't want to use the hard safety eyes in case you tried to stick pin into the pincushion and accidentally stuck it in the eye-it might break the pin, dull it or bend it. I will be listing them on Etsy soon, maybe tonight. 

Above: Honey Bear and her beeskep. Of course she has to sport her scarf, it is cold outside after all.

Above: Not sure what to call her: Apple Dumplin' or something like that.

Above: Here's her sewing pins. They have black eyes w/ white dots and a black smiling mouths, but hard to see in this picture.

Above: Ms. Honey's bees and flower. She is holding flower in the other photos. Hope all y'all are staying warm. Today the high here is 64 degrees. It is a little cloudy with spots of sunshine. Not sure if groundhog saw his shadow here in Charlotte, but I'm betting that he did.


  1. Thank you for my birthday wishes! I love love love the pin cushions, especially the apple. And I had to tell you that I literally lol when I saw the "hearts" on etsy and that thing you mentioned about it. I am still laughing...ha ha, ok one more laugh ha ha ha. Love you sister!

  2. That is some crazy stuff! Also, thank you so much for "heart"ing my Etsy stuff. I think it is so sweet that someone would take the time to "heart" something of mine. I think that it is neat the way they let you "heart" stuff. I really haven't done it, but I do need to do that to more stuff that I appreciate and let the artist know it. Thanks for comments about my pincushions. I am also going to do a fabric pear w/ leaf and bug pins and crocheted bunny w/ carrot pincushion and catapillar and small carrot pins. Thanks again! and lub u 2 sis!


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