Friday, February 4, 2011

Part II: Second Post of the Day

Here is the second part of the post. I finished up the sewing pins and glued the pincushion to it's pedestal.
Above: From cute to....

Above: cuter :o)

Above: Cupcake has some sprinkles on it-clear glitter.

Above. Cupcake on pedestal with 2 pins: cupcake pin and cherry pin.

Above: Pedestal with painted on sprinkles to match crochet cupcake. I will add the wooden dowel for the thread holder tomorrow or maybe Monday. Tomorrow is clean up day, we are having our Sunday School     class over on Sunday for a Super Bowl Party. I have talked D#1 into watching the kids (so the house will still be in one piece) and I will paint her room next week. She wants more growny colors: yellow and orange.
Good night,

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