Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Up That Can of Imagination....

All you need is a little bit of fabric, a zipper, sewing machine and a little imagination and you can make just about any little bag your heart desires. I just took two squares of fabric, lined them and put in a zipper and behold a bag was born. It is not rocket science, just some extra thinking involved. I believe that the hardest part of this project is picking out coordinating fabrics. So many to choose from <3
One of these days I will do a tutorial on them. But for now you can go to my Etsy shop ( and purchase one. I should have several in the shop by the end of the week :)  I am making little clay charms to go on the zipper. They will coordinate with the fabric used. I am keeping the size of them small, just because I love the smaller ones. I find that they come in so handy. My sister made me one that is small in width but long in height. I love this one. So, I might make a few like that. I finally figured out how she installed the zipper (insert a double smile with teeth showing). She said that it was a secret, but after 25 tries, I finally mastered it!! Now all of my little bags will have the magically concealed zipper tape and no raw seams or edges!!!
So for your visual enjoyment, let me introduce the Magic Bags (actually I am not going to call them that, it just sounded fun *<:o)  ) sorry this post paragraph is a little crazy, I couldn't correct it.

Above: not very big, I used a 7" zipper.

Above: Just love those owls

Above: The interior. The zipper part to the left looks messed up, but it is not.

Above: Owl charm hand sculpted by me.

Above: The fabric owl and the matching owl charm.

That's all that I have for today.
Have a great day and keep those hands busy,


  1. You figured it out did you?! It makes them look so put together doesn't it? I've been thinking of making some more. I have actually sold several that were pencil cases.

  2. I certainly would have told you how to do it so you wouldn't have to try it 25 times!


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