Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Hint....

Here's hint #2. Or actually picture hint #2. I finished the Cutie Fruities and the lone cupcake. I love the fruit and see many more fruits and some veggies in my future :)

D# 2 stayed home today, again. She is feeling a little better and will go to school tomorrow. D#1 went to school today and was glad to be back. Her teachers are so sweet, they gave her such a BIG welcome back. It made her feel very special. They are so wonderful.

Above: Here's all of the ingredients that I am going to use to make the mystery items. Go ahead and blow up the picture and take a look.

Above: you can't see it but the banana has pink cheeks and look at the cupcake, she seems to be screaming at something instead of grinning..hmmmm.. : D

Above: You can see the banana's cheeks better.
That's all folks, been working on the mystery thing all day today, it has been trial and error all the way.

Stay busy and don't forget that a messy house means some crafting has been going on,
so, messy....is a good thing,

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  1. hmm, a screaming cupcake, that makes me think of the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters who is angry and eating things and covering the town with marshmallow goo...it makes me feel sorry for the little helpless dessert. My guess is you are making reusable snack bags?????


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