Monday, February 21, 2011

A Guessing Contest & Cutie Fruities....

Gonna do something fun with these little cuties. They are so sweet. I can't believe how well they turned out. Hopefully they will be strong enough for what I want to use them for. I will just leave you with a little teaser and give some hints: there are zippers, thread, fabric and ribbon involved. Leave a comment before Saturday telling me what you think it might be and I will put your name in a hat and draw the winner. There is no limit on how many times you can enter or guess. More entries = greater chance of winning :))  The winner will receive one of what I am making =D

Here's to you- I can't wait to read your guess(es),
Always havin' fun in the craft studio );D


  1. ummm, little toothpicks for a bunco party? no no wait, need zippers, um what has zippers, think, think, a pull for a pair of zippered house shoes? No? thinking of something with ribbons and zippers...a hat that Charo would wear with fruit and ribbons and it zips up the back?

  2. Wow!! You have your thinking cap on, Girl!! Wonderful guesses. Could be one of them.....


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