Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Today I have two sick ones home, this is why I am able to post so early today. DH and Son have gone to church and I stayed home with the daughters. D#1 has some sort of bronchial thing going on :(   Keeps coughing and feels tired. Montezuma was not kind to D#2 >:(   Being preschool age, you can just imagine the humorous stuff that she said when Montezuma decided to take his revenge on her. She is feeling perky and tired at the same time. Not sure how she manages that, but that's the only way to describe it. Keeping those fluids in her.

I wanted to show you the dolls that I am questionable about selling. I am not sure if they would sell or not. You know, you always second guess yourself and think: "Why would someone want to buy this, they are so easy and fun to make (but kinda time consuming)?".  I have also included the two dolls that were the main inspirations for these dolls.
Above: They all look related, don't they. Maybe sisters?

Above: Some of them have their pillows. Pillow fight anyone?

Above: The little red head has freckles. I love adding the little sprigs of "hair". The dresses are removable. The tie in the back around the neck. Some of the shoes come off. I like the shoes that are permanently attached.-this is more time effective.

Above: close up of face. Should I add a white dot in the middle? They do have eyelashes. Their sleeves are permanently attached to the arms.

Above: Love the colors on the little blond. The yellow dress gal doesn't have sleeves.

Above: Love her bangs. The buttons on her dress are actually felt.

Above: Here's the permanently attached shoes/boots. Poor little thing, I forgot her bloomers. All of the dolls come with removable bloomers.

Above: Playskool's Dapper Dan. His painted on face and hair was something I really liked. I also liked his yarn sprigs, which I also incorporated. He was a learning doll. Taught children how to button, snap, tie, and zip. I found him in a sweet little vintage/antique shop about a year ago.

Above: This doll is D#2's rag doll. Her dress comes off and she has a painted on face and embroidered mouth. The mouth was a mistake. Of course it has come loose and I need to fix it. The shoes are sewn into the legs, kind of like a Raggedy Ann doll.

Above: This is the quilt that I made for D#2. I couldn't find a toddler bed size blanket for her. There is really nothing on the market for this size transition bed. At least nothing really cute. I found a quilt that I loved in a Pottery Barn catalog, price tag over $300 for twin. This is almost an exact copy. I did change some things. I even quilted it myself. This is the largest thing that I have quilted. All large quilts that I make are sent to the professional quilter, reasons being: 1) I lack experience on free motion quilting 2) don't really have the space for doing a large quilt 3) patience patience patience, I really am lacking that!!

The Girls. Flower stems are made out of ribbon. I have washed this quilt no less than 30 times and it has held up beautifully. Since I didn't pre-wash the fabric, it puckered like an antique quilt-which I love this look. On the wall taking a picture of it, the shadows of the "hills and valleys" are more pronounced.

Above: The yarn hair held up real well in the wash and dryer. Their yarn mouths are starting to unravel.

Above: I love the way their feet point together. Looks so cute and innocent.
I really enjoyed making these dolls. I have been working on them for sometime now, since D#2 was about 2 and I made the first doll for her. It was "Pop pop" doll and she absolutely adored that doll. It was modeled after my dad, that's a lllooonnngg post for another day :)
Take time for yourself today and make something fun,


  1. Hey Holly,
    I like the dolls. I'll have to email you regarding what we talked about with them. I like the stray hairs and the clothes that can be changed. Also the quilt for D#2 is very cute and I agree the shrinking looks good. Keep up the great blogging, now I'm going over to look at your other blog! Love you

  2. Thanks I would appreciate it. You're the best!!


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