Friday, February 25, 2011


Baby bunnies, sweet baby lambs, baby birds, little baby calves and really just about "anything" baby. I say just about because there are some babies that are not very pretty to look at, ex. baby flies. Enough said, just wanted to clarify that. I really, really love baby chicks.

Once upon a very long time ago, my sweet middle sister gifted me some baby chicks and I fell in love with them. Don't tell her but I was also terrified of them. I didn't know how to raise a baby chick. Even though I had already raised two children from babyhood to (at the time) 6 and 7 yr olds , baby chicks were a whole different story. I just knew that they were not going to last very long. Well they survived the 6, yes 6 hour trip back to our little farmhouse in Mississippi. And they did "cheep" they whole way home. The chicks did survive to teenhood and then some unseen force let them out of their pen. One escaped rooster found his way to a nursing home much to the delight of the residents. We never did claim him, didn't have the heart to, the residents had adopted him. Not sure where the others ended up...... We did get some replacement chicks and for the next several years they provided us with eggs and amusement. Maybe one day I can fill you in on the rest of the stories--warning there are a lot. One example, we found out that "Rooster" didn't like umbrellas or actually the flapping motion of one opening and closing. Great story behind that discovery.

I have been working on a Spring pincushion. I think it turned out pretty cute, because it is a baby chick after all. And as soon as I attach it to the base I am going to list it on Etsy- tomorrow (?).

Above: Start out with this.....

Above: and you can end up with this.
FYI: the roll of pink ribbon is just a prop. Not included in the design.

Above: Little chick is made out of yarn with fun accents. If you maximize the picture, you can see the detail on the grass. Little blades of grass.

Above: Vintage wool and vintage ric rac, ribbon rosettes, feather stitching with french knot buds.

Above: feather stitching with the french knots, which I can do correctly after trying about 30 times, practice makes perfect :)

Above: side view, her eyes are not glued in yet. I am not sure about the size of them....I believe that they need to be bigger. Let me know your thoughts.

Above: Jelly beans, hand sculpted from polymer clay. Really, everything was handmade. Of course I didn't spin the yarn (bummer-would love to try though) or make the wool (double bummer-would love to try that also--note to self--look for good used loom and spinning wheel :).
That's all for today, tomorrow after lunch my time I will be drawing the winner's name, so if you haven't left a comment yet, do so on this post.
Please don't forget to exercise the creative side of your brain
and don't forget to do something fun, like spinning yarn or loom something,


  1. I don't think her eyes are too little, just right! This is of course adorable! It looks like an Easter cake!

  2. Thanks so much for saying that! I had already glued them in this morning so that they would be dry in time for her photo shoot. I am now uploading her to etsy. Her eyes do look the correct size for her body. She was very fun to make and I kept on adding stuff to her-lol. The feather stitching did the job-it made the pincushion really "pop". Should have shown you the before. Hugs and kissies to all!!


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