Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Best Dressed Mouse in the House

Here's what I have been working on today. I am trying to come up with a cute mouse. This one is cute but not very realistic. He has his cheese, now he just needs a cracker. I really had fun working on him. I hope to perfect his pattern and try him out on some mohair. He sits upon a little tufted pillow, which sits upon a bigger tufted pillow. The tufts are not hard to make. If you have ever made a round pincushion and added thread to the sides to make the famous tomato pincushion, then you have made a kind of tufted pincushion. Usually on the tomatoes you just add enough thread to make 4 sides, well for the kind below just add 8 threads. Are you confused yet? Sure ya are.....just look at the pictures.

Above: He looks a little worried....where's my cheese?

Above: Aaaaahhhh.....there it is..

Above: Even though he still looks worried, he's not, just a shadow from his ear.

Above: tried some different lighting techniques--failed. Picture is blurry. I was holding the camera and trying not to breathe, obviously it didn't work. Too lazy to get tripod.

Above: still not good. Colors too washed out.

Above: much better turned brightness down.

Above: Here's the bottom of the pincushion. Put a little button on the bottom to cover up stitches. Better get off now, it's getting late.
Have a great tomorrow and stay crafty,


  1. Holly, I LOVE this mouse pin cushion. So adorable!!! You know when I can motivate myself maybe I can learn to take better pics. I'm not sure how great a pic I can get on my point and shoot, should read the manual! Anywho I love this mouse and look forward to the primitives blog!!! love you!

  2. Will get the prim blog up and running as soon as dear hubbie gets me an email address for it. I can't wait. Glad that you like the mouse. He was so fun to make. I read somewhere that you can cover the flash with something like wax paper and it will soften the flash so you don't get such a stark picture. Just go ahead and post those pics, we love looking at them. Love ya!! Happy Valentines Day!!!<3 (suppose to be a heart...hmmmmm)


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