Monday, January 31, 2011

Update on photo taking and light

I just looked at my camera instruction manual and found an amazing button. It will darken or lighten the object for you before the picture is taken. It is great! See photos below:
Here's a photo of the magic button, it is the round button to the far left. It has a little square picture in it. camera is that dusty. Will have to clean her up before her next photo shoot. I rarely use eyepiece, always use LCD screen. So that is why dust collects on eyepiece. Yea....that's it.

                                                Above: Tent lights not on, nor was flash used.

Above: Spot lights used, close up, still too dark for me.

Above and below: Much better, used magic button on camera to lighten subjects. Face has a little glare on it, might need to move lights away from tent some.

Magic button turned all way to positive brightness
and below turned all the way to negative brightness. So cool.

Well that is all the new stuff that I have discovered today. Will study camera book soon.
good night,

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  1. Thank you for these helpful posts...I wish my point and shoot had a button like that! Its kind of a lot of work to get a really good picture of an object isn't it? I'm loving all the new posts!! Keep it up. I'll try to post tomorrow! Love you!


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