Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally....some stuff on Etsy!!

I finally listed some stuff on Etsy. If you are not familar with Etsy, it is a little like Ebay, except most stuff on there is hand made and there is no bidding. You just purchase stuff. Take a look at my shop: . All that I have listed now are my Clothespin Sewing Dolls and Lost Tooth Keepsake Dolls. Here are a couple of pictures, for more details & pictures check out my Etsy store.
Above: This is Ms. Cheery Cherry. I do not have her listed yet, but plan on doing that tomorrow. I am getting quicker listing stuff. Guess pratice makes perfect :)

Above: This is Betsy Ross. I wanted to do a patriotic themed doll and came up with this classic. I love her little hat.

Here is Ms. Cherry's dress opened. Each one of these black pieces of fabric is actually pockets, where you can store things like scissors, seam rippers, pks of needles, etc. She also has a pin cushion on her pedestal with a little  polymer cherry pin-hard to see in this pic.

 Above: Betsy Ross with dressed opened. Here is a different layout for the inside. Not as many pockets, but a needle keeper (red felt to left), pincushion on the right flap with flag pin and wooden peg to the right of Betsy to hold a spool of thread (shown).
Above: Ms. Sewing Bee-to see her just go to my Etsy store.

I think the grin on this little girl is hysterical. She is so proud that she finally lost that loose tooth.

Cute little tooth that she is holding.

The Keepsake Doll comes with a box (on which she stands), a small note to the Tooth Fairy (you fill in the blanks on the note) and a little pillow to rest the tooth on.

The boy version. That grin still cracks me up. 
Thanks for looking and hope you have an awesome and crafty week!!
ps-I do plan on taking better photos, the one I have been using, uses eye-fi, which immediately downloads pictures onto the computer as soon as the picture is snapped. It is just a tiny hp. My good camera doesn't have eye-fi, actually it won't accept the card :((
Oh well, at least I don't have to draw pictures for you.


  1. Of course all of these are darling and I hope that some lucky person will buy them soon! Your light box is really working well. Love to you.

  2. Thank you so much! Not sure why the little boy turned out green. Maybe a little green with envy, because his sister lost her tooth first. Thank you so much for giving me hearts on etsy. That was so sweet and such a nice surprise. Did you notice any typos or did anything sound goofy? Dear hubby proof read them and said the only question he had was "What does convo mean?". LOL Light box is working good. I did have one that I had made out of tissue and cardboard box, but it kept ripping. Thanks for commenting. Luv ya lots, sis!


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