Sunday, January 30, 2011

Few things to share....

Not much exciting happening around here. We ate supper over at the sweet neighbors. She is so kind and invited the whole family over for ribs! They were awesome. We invited them over next Sunday for our Sunday School Super Bowl Party. We will be having ribs.
Just a few pictures for your enjoyment:

Above: another Tooth Fairy Keepsake Doll, this time with blond hair.

Above: Just a little doll who likes her cup of coffee in the mornings....

Above: w/ cream of course!

Above: don't forget the little spoon. The cup, saucer, coffee and spoon are hand sculpted polymer clay.

Above: hysterical little tooth. Handsculpted and painted by me :) He is only about 1" long.

Above: little pirate bear. Was a gift for the neighbor. Pirate bear was an experiment, thankfully it went ok. I made his pattern up all by myself, in case I wanted to sell some later on. Really simple crochet-big ball for head, 1/2 ball for body and really looonnngg balls for arms & legs and some half circles for ears and circle for muzzle. Easy peasy. Of course I had to change yarn every row for shirt. Wasn't hard.

Above: cutie pie cupcake. Don't like this one as well as the one that I designed in previous post. Maybe biased, but I do get to sell the one I patterned, if only I could remember how I did it......
Good night and happy crafting,

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  1. I love the coffee girl, adorable!! Your stuff is so cute and I'm not at all surprised at it taking off! So good to talk to you this morning, one question I forgot was how did you finally configure your light box? Did you use an on line tutorial? Love you sis and so, so good to catch up in person!


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