Friday, January 28, 2011

Crayon rolls now on Etsy!

Hey, yes 2nd  post of the day! I have a lot to say today  tonight. More stuff on Etsy. Here's a few pictures of some crayon rolls that I plan on adding tomorrow.  I have already added the spider one.
Above: Cute mushroom, made from my own pattern, don't know if I can make her again, I didn't write it down......Oh well....Fabric on outside of this roll is all snails, cute snails, not the yucky, slimy ones.

Above: Another roll, this one is buggy. Has pictures of bees, caterpillars, spiders, snails and a few more. But not the slimy, yucky snails-the cute ones with bows in their hair, um....on their antenn-i (singular for antenna?). My amigurumi pattern also, and I didn't write it down either...actually all the "fob" characters are my own pattern. I had to get good at making my own stuff, for some reason most people don't want you making the little guys from their patterns and selling them. A few will let you sell finished product as long as you give them credit for pattern, which I am all about. Must give author of patterns credit where credit is due, but most of those are not quick little patterns, but very long ones. This would make the price of the crayon rolls go up a lot.

For the traveling kiddos....has states with capitols. Of course not all the states because that would be one BIG crayon roll. And a little felt car.

Above: Another buggy one. This time with a spider with wonky legs.

These guys kept staring at me while I worked in the studio tonight. At least they are smiling. They must know something I don't. Like who keeps stealing my pencils and scissors. I just can't keep up with that stuff.
Gotta go and find my scissors,
Stay crafty,

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