Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching. I love this time of year and try to decorate each room and deck each hall. I do leave the decorating of Son's room and D#1's room up to them. D#2's bedroom tree is an adorable pink one with silver tinsel and I help her decorate it. I have really never decorated my bedroom, except for a little tree on my dresser. I have always had big plans in the back of my mind, but they were never carried out. So....I thought this would be the perfect year to start decorating my bedroom. I have always wanted a canopy over my bed. We do have a four poster bed but it didn't have a canopy frame. I am not sure why we didn't purchase it when we got the bed, oh well. Now I had a problem. I couldn't find a canopy frame for my bed anywhere. I did find out that my bed was discontinued. So I went back to the drawing board. Could I hang curtains from the ceiling? Or what about some sort of bracket to hang curtain rods from the ceiling? Would a clothesline type string strung from post to post work? I could use clothespins to pin the fabric on the Don't see that idea working. I finally had an epiphany. Use curtain rods. But how would that work? Dear H had the brilliant idea to link them together like Lincoln logs (on the ends). This worked like a charm. Lowe's had the perfect length, color and diameter size. I could even use the bed post finials. It took him about an hour to cut & install then. I found the perfect decorator fabric and it was on sale. It took 16 yards. About 2 1/2 yds for each panel and the rest I use for the tabs (about 1 yd). I didn't make any panels for the headboard. I thought that would have been too much fabric. I added garland, red bows, a wreath and lights to give it a Chrismasy feel. It is so festive. I think that I might change the fabric to a toile for spring and summer and just use the check in the cooler months.
Above: I have an antique red, white and cheddar quilt at the foot of my bed.

Above: Went to the antique store last week and scored these vintage ornaments. The box was full, I had already started adding them to the tree when I remembered that I needed to take a photo. This box of Shiny Brites was only $3!! These three were the "Merry Christmas" balls and the rest were colored balls.

Above: I can just imagine the sweet little old lady that carefully wrapped her ornaments in old dress pattern tissue. Each one was wrapped in it. Waste not want not.....

Above: Don't you just love the vintage graphics!

Above: My other box of Shiny Brites. Also only $3 for a full box!

Above: I love these wooden ornaments. How could I pass up these bag, it was only $1?!
I have put these on my Christmas tree that only has vintage ornaments on it. They are mostly glass and were my Grandmother's. It brings back such memories looking at this tree.
Have a great week and tomorrow I get to go caroling with D#2's school!!! Fun times indeed!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not A Creature Was Stirring.....Except Elfie

The Elfie has been at it again. Here he is in the living room on the fan pull. He did fall and we had to use tongs to pick him up, because as everyone knows, if you touch the Elf he will lose his magic! The next morning we found him hanging with the nutcrackers (in background of picture below).
Above: Hanging around. I haven't been blogging everyday about Elfie. Sometimes he does boring stuff, like hiding on Fridge, peeking out of mixing bowl, conversing with nutcrackers, etc. I didn't think that anyone would want to look at those boring pictures, so I'll blog about his mischievous side.

Above: Elfie loves baby Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. That particular morning he was found in the manger with baby Jesus. D#2 thought that was the coolest thing Elfie has done.
I have another picture that I wanted to share. It was the mischievous side of Elfie again, but Dear Hubby messed with my camera last night and I can't get that particular picture to download. I will work on that tonight and try to blog about it, if I can get it to download.

Oh yea, we caught a squirrel in our rabbit trap this morning and of course nobody (meaning dear hubby or handy son---but I have to say, I am not sure if handy son would have been so handy....he's the child (teenager) that screamed like a girl when a June bug landed on him two summers ago) was here but me. I had to release this very mad and very, very, angry squirrel. He was even gnashing his teeth at me! All I could think about was that scene in A Christmas Vacation when the squirrel catches a ride on Clark Griswold's back! 

 Clark W. Griswold

 Clark Griswold:)

I finally did get the squirrel out. Thank goodness, no Griswold adventure.
Little side note: The reason that we have a rabbit trap is to catch a rabbit of course! We have one under our deck. I believe that it is a pet that was either released or escaped. He or she is white with black spots, but not very friendly. It stays hidden under the deck and I do worry about it, because of course our outside dog would be a  Jack Russell. They were bred for rabbit hunting.....

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Thursday,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Such Wonderful Vintage Treasures....

I have been busy this week, finishing the decorating. I just have a little more before I am officially through. 
Here are my antique treasures. I just noticed that I forgot to include my antique nutmeg grater. It is so tiny and cute! I will post a picture of it soon.
Above: The most expensive thing in the picture was the ironing board. A major score for only $25!!!! The only other all wooden ironing board that I have seen was $45. Most of the vintage ironing boards have thin, wiry legs. Enamelware pot= $6, enamel red & white casserole looking dish= $4, watering can=$14 (another major score for the price & it has a green sprinkler head!), lace bundle $3, iron kitchen decorations= 2.75 each, tiny vintage sweater=$5.

Above: aren't these just adorable. I wish that I would have gotten the coffeepot, also, but that's ok, the teapot is cute! They are a heavy metal. At first I thought they were plaster. Now, I just have to find a place for them.

Above: It looks like a recipe box, but it says Christmas Card List. I have never seen one of these before. Christmas card list box=$6.

Above: My DH (dear hubby), made this sweet little tiered bench. It usually holds my crockery, but I thought that my pretty vintage bowls would look fun here among the spoons and cookie cutters. The bowl on top was my grandmothers on my mom's side. The little yellow bowl (on 2nd shelf in the middle) was another antique treasure find for only $10. These little bowls are so hard to find and soooo cute to decorate with.

Above: This sweet little cabinet was also my grandmothers. We called her "Mama", pronounced like "Maaamaa", drawing out the "a"s. She kept her cereal and cereal bowls in it, so when I visited I used this cabinet almost everyday. It now holds my vintage Fire King Jadeite. Can you see the cute little salt and pepper shakers on the 2nd shelf? It is Rudolph and Santa's sleigh. A wonderful gift from my wonderful sister. The green cookbook that the Jadeite batter bowl sits on is also from her. The vintage mixer on top was also Mama's.

Above: Uh oh! Some has been a joker again.....D#2 was so surprised at this one. She couldn't believe that he made a "flour" angel, instead of a snow angel.

Above: Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar? Look at that face! Messy! He didn't finish the cookie, so he finished it the next night.

Above: The next night.....cookie is almost finished. Face still messy.

Above: Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.......
Have a great night,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cabin Fever

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in the Mountains of South Carolina. We rented this little cabin for 5 days. It was very small. One bedroom with a kitchen-living room combo. Very quaint and tiny. We had so much fun. Just relaxing and hanging out with family.
Above: Cabin 13. Very isolated.

Above: To the left of the photo is the living room with fireplace. Top right is the bathroom, small sitting area with red recliner and the white thing in the lower right corner is the stove.

Above: Better view is t-tiny little kitchen. Right side of the picture-you can see a little of the bedroom door.

Above: Beautiful fireplace, made from native stone.

The cabins were so cute and very clean. The staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Government funding has been cut for this lovely campground and cabins. I hope that private funds can keep this beautiful place a float. We plan to go back maybe in the summer and fall again. Fun times!!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow and I will show you all of my antique treasures I found. Fresh from the mountains of South Carolina.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Frosty, The Wool Felted Snowman

Last week I took some time for myself. The past couple of weeks I had been preparing for a craft fair. It was sew, sew, sew.  And on top of that sew, sew, sew week, sweet baby girl got sick. So, when last week finally rolled around, I knew just what I wanted to make for myself. Look at that cootie patootie below...he just makes you feel happy! It is a felt snowman. Elizabeth, of Creative Breathing, designed him and even has the pattern on her blog! I have just recently discovered her blog and have enjoyed reading it so much. I plan on making a bunch of these for my home. The gingerbread man is adorable! He is next on my list.

Above: I love decorating with the scrabble tiles. Since D#2 is a beginner reader, she loves reading them and rearranging the tiles to make new words. I only have 4 trays, I need to get some more. I would love to spell out Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. I also need some more tiles. I raided our Scrabble game and found out that Scrabble only has two "C"s. Who knew? I used all the "C"s in the Hot Cocoa sign.

Above: So, I came up with "Jingle". The little Santa boot is one that my mom made for me when I was little. It has my name written in gold on the heel. I am so glad she saved this for me. I just love it. It brings back so many happy childhood memories :) 

Above: Look at the sweet little angel. She is the one that my grandparents put on their Christmas every year. I just love it. If it is hard to see, just click on the picture and zoom it in. And yes, that is me in the photo trying my best to get away from Santa.

I would love to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless each and everyone of you,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

That Is One Sneaky Little Fellow....

Well...we have had a lot of excitement around our house lately. The Elf has arrived and he has been causing a lot of mischief. His first appearance was on Saturday morning last week. And for 2 days he did not move. D#2 and I wondered why he wasn't moving (or going to see Santa at night). D#2 had the brilliant idea that maybe he only went to see Santa if we were bad. Hmmmm...the book explains that he or she flies to the North Pole every night regardless if you have been naughty or nice. "Well maybe we need to be naughty to wake him up." explained D#2. Ok.....i thought, but not too naughty. Maybe if we hurdle insults at him that will do the trick. "Your breath smells like licorice." "You have gumdrops in your brain." "Don't get your panties in a wad!" (D#2 loved that one, she thought it was hilarious that elves wear panties) "Your favorite pet is a dust bunny!", etc. Just silly little sayings. Enough to make an Elf a little aggravated and report to Santa. Well, that did the trick! He took off that night and started throwing mischief around our house like crazy. We have the photos to prove it:
Above: He got into the flour and threw flour snowballs on the counter. Look at that snicker.

Above: He was very hard to spot here. He kind of blended in. See the helicopter in the top of the picture. Elf is holding the controls. D#2 didn't like the way he was looking at Grandma. She asked "Why does he look like he is going to do something to push her off."-lol.

Above: Here he is zip lining. He was carrying the cookie cutters across the room and placing them in the chandelier. Such a naughty little thing!

Above: Up to no good. Look at the note and then the paint brush. D#2 gave him a peace offering, see in his lap. She thinks this will calm him down-haha.

Above: This is what she woke up to. "Why did the elf paint me to look like a clown?" "You're not a clown, I bet it is a Rudolph nose." That calmed her down, no clowns around here!!
Above: I promised a sweet dear friend that I would post this pic of my country church pew. I just love it!! Notice the tile floor. I am so use to the tile that I forget that I have it. I can't stand it!!! It just looks too modern to me. Maybe one day we can get wood..... Notice the quilt. It is all hand quilted and hand pieced. Some of the pieces are frayed and the edge is a little frayed. I love it!!! The amount of work and time that went into it needs to be truly respected. I also only paid $6 for it.
Above: My two quilt pillows. I can't bring myself to cut any quilt to make me a pillow, so anytime I see one of these pillows, I buy it.

Have a great and wonderful weekend. It is cold here, 45 degrees. Hopefully it will warm up a little, we are suppose to go to our town's Christmas lighting/craft fair this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

The kids had a fun last night. Son was Paul Bunyan. He refused to let me give him a beard, so I did some editing and I think he looks rather dashing. He really didn't go Trick or Treating, but instead went over to a friend of his and helped her take her sister around the neighborhood. He is gonna die when he sees this photo.
Above: Got any trees that need cuttin' down.....

Above: Pulling all the "guts" out.

Above: That pumpkin needs a good shakin'.

Above: Drawing the pumpkin face. Son, DH and Son's sweet friend.

Above: D#2 was an angel. She wanted to be several things before deciding on an angel. The past couple of days she practiced her Trick or Treating speech. It went like this:
(knocking on closet door) "Trick or Treat....I am an angel....Do you like my costume?....Aren't I divine?"
 The weather was cold, probably around 50 degrees. It probably dipped to around 40 at 8pm. She was finished around 7pm. She and DH walked around with our neighbors. I am sure Little Friend was cold, but her costume was so pretty.

Above: Here is sweet D#1. I am not really sure but I think she was Sista Freeze? She and her college buds dressed up as evil superheros. This looks nothing like her. When she first walked into the house DH and I were asking everyone, "Where is she?". They really didn't Trick or Treat, but collect money for UNICEF.

Above: This lovely pumpkin was drawn by D#2 and carved by DH. He followed her exact drawing. She was so excited to see it come to life.
Above: Son carved this one.

Hope everyone has an awesome week. I plan on making Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Take care and have a great night,