Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! from our house to yours.

Here's a few craft projects I worked on this month. A quilting friend placed an order for the mice below to give as Christmas gifts. The pattern is from Country Stitches and it makes the cutest pincushion. I made 3 different mice and three different tomatoes. They were made out of wool.

Mice are holding corsage pins. The pins look cute and very vintage.

The label that I made for each mouse. Remember, details people, it's all in the details. My absolute fav is detailing everything. Just love it!!

These are some clothespin dolls that i made for D#2's preschool teachers, music teacher and preschool director. I can't take credit for the dolls, they have been around for many years and I did see some similar to these somewhere on the Internet, but I can't find out where. I have looked and looked. Saw them back in the summer sometime. The arms are just pipe cleaners with thread wrapped around them. I did this technique back years ago when I was making Wee Folks dolls for ornaments. I will have to post a picture of the ornaments before they are stored away for next year's Christmas. I made the apples from small wooden beads, felt leaves and leather stem. Sheet music is actual sheet music that I scaled down. It is of "Away in a Manger". The book was a large wooden book that I had DH cut in half and the peppermint is just polymer clay. I loved the hairbows, D#2 always, always  has one in her hair and plus the cloth dolls that I make always have to have one also, so I thought it fitting that the clothespin dolls should wear one too :)

Close up of director's doll and teacher's doll.

Doll for D#1's art teacher. I made her a little artist's smock, with paint smudges of course, paint brush made from toothpick and real bristles on the end. An artist's beret and a palette. I am calling these dolls "Just Like Me", because I love to customize them to fit the recipient's image.

Have a very Merry Christmas, with love,


  1. Very cute, when do you have time to do these little details? I bet her teacher's LOVED the dolls.

  2. I really like the mice, are they attached to the tomatoes? Also what do you fill the tomatoes with?

  3. Hey Liz,
    As for time? and there, mainly in the morning and at night. The mice are attached to the tomatoes and I fill tomatoes with sand (would rather fill with wood shavings or walnut shells-found in pet stores for bird cages) and stuffing. teachers did love the dolls. I do have some that I am making for my etsy store so stay tuned.

  4. They are adorable, I have this old mouse pattern I need to copy and send to you, I will when our copier is behaving itself. Its adorable and is from 1980 I think. Also I finally added your blog to my links, for some reason it wouldn't work for a while. Go figure.


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