Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas....So Soon?

I can't believe that December is almost here. I have started decorating a little. Mostly I have moved furniture around. Moved the hoosier into the dining room, pie safe into kitchen, and turned the kitchen table around. I still have to move the black pie safe/dvd cabinet to its spot in order to make room for the Christmas tree. I wanted to get it before Thanksgiving, but d hubby said that it would dry out. I did remind him that the tree would be standing there waiting for us to come and get it, so did it really matter if it dryed out at our house or the tree lot. We could put it on the deck in the tree stand and set the automatic drip hose to drip on it. D#2 told me that I was so amazing coming up with that plan. I finally realized why we have children, not to carry on the family name or blood line, but to have someone think that you are awesome. You can say the most hair brained stuff and they will think that you are the most amazing, smartest person alive! I just love 5 yr olds.
Anyway, here's some photos of the dining room and decorated table. I went for gingerbread theme this year.

Here is the dining room. The pictures came out much starker than the room actually is. It is much warmer and more toned down. I am thinking about repainting it a green.  Some of the Hull dishes on the table are Mama Marcinak's and some are the ones that I have collected through the years. I love using the large mugs.

Mama Marcinak's Hull dinnerware. Did you notice what I used for napkin rings? Yes, they are cookie cutters. I didn't want to spend any money for matching napkin rings and I had a bunch of these old antique cookie cutters. Don't they look so cute?                                                                                                    

The antique mixer on top of the Hoosier is Mama Marcinak's old mixer. I just love it. I have never plugged it in........

Could this be why? Seems like a really long time ago the cord melted. I do remember the mixer being stored ontop of the little broiler oven, maybe this is how it was melted.

 Closer shot of the sweet little mixer. I think it is so cute up there. Maybe one day I will take it down and use it to make a cake. I do have her recipe holder, not the one in the picture, but a green one not shown. To use her mixer and recipe would be fun! Wish I had one of her old aprons.....

Antique utensils and some antique red plastic cookie cutters: (clockwise) stocking, poinsettia, tree, Santa and American Flag.
 Potpourri pie, made by d#2. Photo doesn't do it justice, it looks so real in real life. Fooled d#1 today. She wanted to eat it.
Here is the table decoration for the table. Antique cookie cutters that I have been collecting for years, antique wooden rolling pin, gingerbread men that I made last year out of fabric, wooden eggs, loom potholder made by d#1 when she was around 8 yrs old, oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, wooden spoon and new wire whisk and of course my wonderful wooden antique dough bowl.
Look who has come out of hiding and is now on naughty/nice patrol. He keeps the house under control. D#2 gets up every morning to look and see if the Elf has moved during the night.

Stay crafty and busy,
Christmas is only 30 days away,

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